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Бритиши какие-то совершенно тупые ублюдки. Уже почти готова пойти по интернет форумам и начать поливать их говном. Что наверное и сделаю, если ситуация не прояснится до конца недели.

PS: Да, я понимаю, что половина их саппорта наверняка русско-турецко-китайские эмигранты, но должен же быть (ну чисто теоретически?) вменяемый главный менеджер/хозяин магазина?

UPDATE: Вобщем, они меня добили своим последним письмом.

Письмо номер 1, от меня на ''; ''.


I placed order XXXXXX on 29 December 2007 03:46:54, but two items appeared as “Out of stock” in order (but they were in stock in store, I swear). I checked that I need to wait for 3-5 days, and decided to wait (why not?). After 3 days the status of these items changed to “will be available on Jan-11”, but today (Jan-12) it changed to “Normally Available In 3 - 5 days” again! So, two weeks actually passed and my goods are still not shipped…

A little other thing happened to order YYYYYYY placed on 06 January 2008 09:48:31. When I selected the items for this order, all of them were in “In Stock” status. But next day after ordering, I found that one of the items ($item_name) changed the state to “Normally Available In 3 - 5 days”! I would not order it, if I knew that it’s not in stock really. So, for some reason the status of items on your website are not actual, and items I see as “In stock” could really be not.

I need this to be resolved ASAP, I’m ready to replace the items which are not in stock with others with the same or greater price, I just need them to be shipped as soon as possible.

Please respond!

Ответ от чувака номер 1 по имени Michael Saunders:

With regards to XXXXXX - The $item1 is now in stock, $item2 is still out of stock

YYYYYY - The $item3 is now back in stock

Easiest thing to do is for me to cancel both of these orders and If you can make 1 new one with the parts you'd like, only select in stock items from our website.

Unfortunately the due dates can and due dates and are advised on information from our suppliers

Cheers, Mike


Hello Michael,

Thank you for your reply.

1. As all items of order YYYYYY are ready for the shipment and my CC was already charged for it, I prefer not to cancel it now. Just ship it as soon as possible.

2. As $item2 is still not available, I prefer if you cancel this order and I will create the new one with another item which is in stock right now.

Could you please process with shipment of YYYYYY and canceling of XXXXXX? Let me know, and thank you for your help.

И тут сюрприз нах!

No problem...

1. You haven't been charged for YYYYYY

2. It will be quicker for you If I cancel both orders and you to start again with one new one, with the in stock items on it

Cheers, Mike

Я естественно иду в пейпал и естественно вижу, что пеймент в статусе Completed. На всякий случай ставлю в ЦЦ sales@ и payment@ и аттачу пепаловский пеймент детейлз.

Hello Michael,

I already proposed to cancel order XXXXX so I can select another items for it. And as all the items of order YYYYYY are in stocked and my CC _WAS_ already charged for it (please see paypal details below), please process with the shipment ASAP.

I’m sorry for being so nervous, but I really have never had so many problems with online orderings

Проходят сутки. Молчание. Я пишу им снова.

Hello again,

Can I please have the response today? It's became rather strange already, the money are captured, but the goods are not shipped.

Приходит ответ от другого чувака (ЦЦ помог).


Both of the orders you list are in the back order system waiting for some stock items to arrive into stock.

We can cancel those items and ship the orders as they are, or we can change items to ones that are in stock currently.

The other more drastic option would be to cancel both orders completely and another single order can be placed for the in stock items you require.

Our apologies for any unforeseen delays with the order, please let me know what you wish to do in order to proceed?



Песдец!! И это после того как два письма назад их же сотрудник сказал, что все кроме $item2 из ордера XXXXX уже давно in stock! Смотрю в панель -- да, действительно в ордере айтемы показываются как не доступные, в то время как в магазине они уже 2 дня как доступны. Разумеется, я начинаю немного нервничать.

Hello Andy,

Actually ALL items of order YYYYYY are in stock for the second day already. Yes, on order details $item3 is shown as not in stock, but if you click on it, you will see that it really in stock, it's just your system is glitching and didn't update the item status in order details. It's very sad that I have to explain this to your staff for the third time already.

As for order XXXXXX, yes, please cancel it and I will reorder all the items again.

Actually I am already ready to do all you want, I am ready to cancel both orders and reorder them again, but the thing I am afraid of is that the order YYYYYY is paid already (и только блядь попробуйте сказать, что нет), and I don't want to do the refund (because my bank could block these money for several weeks in the case of refund from paypal (слышала я где-то, что такое случается)). So, it's more easy for me, and for you just to cancel order XXXXXX and to ship items from order YYYYYY.

Please let me know if my point is clear for you now.

Жду. Проходят сутки. Ответа нет. Пишу снова.


Let's replace the $item2 with $item4. It is in stock and has the same price as $item2.

Btw, to avoid such kind of problems in future you can just allow to modify orders which have not in stock items in them. For some reason now order gets "Processing" state while it's really not (as some items are not in stock).

Guys, I really hope to resolve this issue. I had too many problems with you, and surely will never use your store in future, but at least I didn't write this "bad experience story" on our cycling forums yet (as I know you have many orders from Novosibirsk, Russia, I found you on one of these local internet forums). I personally work in Customer Care area (running word wide IT helpdesk), so I clearly know what is the good customer service. I can say that you should get a couple of trainings about.

Заметьте, что я даже не сказала ни одного слова матом и ни разу не использовала большие буквы, как это принято делать у рассерженых клиентов.

И вот собственно приходит сегодня ответ.


No problem we can get this sorted, please email Natasha or myself with regards to this in future please as emailing everyone is simply confusing the issue and adding extra work for the team resulting in further delays for all customers, thanks.

Natasha can you sort this for Olga, thanks.



"ДА ВЫ ОХУЕЛИ!!!", - думаю я тихонечко про себя и пишу.


The only reason why I started including all the people into this emailing is because I didn't get response from those who started working with me from the first time (Michael Saunders). I thought that maybe you have specific working schedule, so I decided to include all maillists to CC. Btw, it's not polite to write such kind of complains to your clients (that I result delays for all your other customers, should I really care?), but it's up to you now. You just proved my opinion about the company again.

Let's just finish this once and forever. Natasha, please help.

На этом пока все. Продолжение, как я понимаю, следует.

UPDATE2: Вобщем, чуваки извинились и обещали сделать мне счастье прям сегодня. Сила писанного слова с большим количеством ЦЦ ;)
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